2018 Roadmap

January 02, 2018

I started the Youtube Channel without direction.

The channel’s first video playlist, Programming A Personal Finance App structured tutorials around the production of a personal finance website and various topics related to frontend development, backend development and deployment of its components.

All videos are created unscripted and live. Occasionally, I’ll redo a video if I feel there was too much time wasted while debugging an issue. This happened less than 5 times in 2017. I enjoy this format, and it keeps the time cost of production low. The live format will continue through 2018.

I’m going to add more structure to video production. There will be a schedule of at least 1 week in advance to make it easier for viewers to watch live.

I also want to make it easier for viewers to request custom content. Presently, I’ve been randomly bringing up the fact I make videos on any subject matter that users make requests for. Going forward, I would like to guide users towards a content suggestion form at the end of videos. Approved suggestions (so far most suggestions have resulted in a new video) will be added to the schedule.

The #1 most-viewed video was React & Material-UI was by user request. Thanks to user Shine Han for suggesting a video amounted to over 48% of my channel’s total view time!

2017 YouTube Channel Watch Time Growth

2017 YouTube Channel Watch Time Growth

2017 (July 16 - December 31) was a great year for the channel

2018 Goals

Moving Forward

In 2018 I’m going to focus on improving viewer interaction. I want to create more engaging content based on their requests. I’ll also make it easier for viewers to see upcoming video times with a schedule added to the YouTube channel and this blog. 2018 is going to be a great year, perhaps even better than 2017!